the bad dominicana

porque soy terrible. afrolatina. culture clash. dominican republic meets nyc. ghetto/barrio nerd. raging mujercista.

**note: most of my content prolly requires a TW and will be NSFW.

also, read my "before you follow" statement before you do so, and enter at your own motherfuckin risk.

he fell for her dominican hips

never did care for tits

til he had her set

when asked what he felt was it

only remembered what she did in bed

said she did things for him no one else had

and its not that i havent heard this before

i have

its that its always an other on that end

who seems to think we have magic pussy

like no one else can roll their hips

or suck a dick

they even mention voodoo

but you cant remember anything else about her?

except she protested too much when you cheated?

sassed you when you came home late

cooked you moro de guandules and mangu

but still she didnt make it easy enough for you

so you moved on to someone less spicy

someone without that voodoo puss

someone a little less colorful,

a little less jungle island celia cru’

a little more civilized,

a little more like you?

heard it a million times before yet

every man, always westernized, black or white

thinks he tells a unique story

that these are compliments

testament to dominican womens greatness

we are so great we can even be used by you?


i am supposed to revel in this?

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Posted on 20 August, 2011

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