the bad dominicana

porque soy terrible. afrolatina. culture clash. dominican republic meets nyc. ghetto/barrio nerd. raging mujercista.

**note: most of my content prolly requires a TW and will be NSFW.

also, read my "before you follow" statement before you do so, and enter at your own motherfuckin risk.

i'm a black/ndn queer woman and i was just wondering how you feel about woc or poc generally (queer or not) participating in bdsm. i like the idea of being submissive but i've never really done it because i don't feel like i can trust somebody to be not racist/misogynistic when it comes to that stuff.

ummm it can be perfectly fine in safe spaces,

but being safe spaces for us are hard as fuck to come by? yeah bdsm can be a treacherous, traumatizing realm and ive heard lots of horror stories from woc. 

Posted on 14 April, 2013

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