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ug this rubs me so wrong.

if this was just the text, id be into it. 

but as it is… 

you do not need to look like this to be queer

you do not need to look like this to be queer

you do not need to look like this to be queer

there is no queer look

so can we please stop acting like having piercings or fancy hairdos or studs on yr jackets or ripped up clothing or tattoos have anything at all to do with queerness?


But seriously though. The commentary. Yes. 

This bothers me. I’ve always had a hard time fitting into queer scenes for not being viewed as ‘queer enough’, and it’s always been a source of anxiety/self-deprecation. I’m really not into the idea of working my way past queer gate-keepers. How many queer people do I need to have sex with before I’m allowed to pass?

Yeah I feel this big time. Cara expresses it better than I ever could, but yeah, fuck this. Huge source of anxiety for me, especially in mtl.

not to mention theyre all white or lightskint.

ok, only you belong. cool. great. the antithesis of radical. 

Posted on 20 March, 2013
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    to join, you must be this queer: must be dfab must be non-binary must be white must have at least two of the following:...
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    DFAB means designated female at birth. That’s it. It has nothing to do with fucking gender identity or being “trans...
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    “not to mention theyre all white or lightskint. ok, only you belong. cool. great. the antithesis of radical.” ^ this...
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    That would be a good point if “dfab” in this context meant “woman”, when actually it means trans masculine and is...
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