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really, @MsMagazine? “hate”? forreal tho?

wow ms mag is such a no-nothing that they cant see telling a survivor of domestic violence to stay safe from violence in every way places the onus on the survivor and makes her responsible for the violence perpetrated by another person as if she could control it apriori….hmmm fascinating. so they dont understand what victim blaming is and i guess they dont know what autonomy means enough to respect it in others

also to refer to CB as her abuser interesting when so many white feminists are so quick to parrot misters’ redemption narrative and cry at the notion that someone could be forever judged by one (cough ahem bullshit he’s a serial abuser) action

i guess since CB hasnt shit all over WOC voices, inappropriately fucked students while teaching a class he had no credentials for and doesnt continuously use past lovers as the fodder for his exploitative writing he just hasn’t paid his redemptive dues

if they can’t understand you dont use individual people as a means to an end then their humanity chip is defective and they should be scrapped by the factory

since i got my fucking ass whupped by *F*eminists when i talked about rihanna, i’ve stayed almost completely out of the “discussions” about her, since it’s so fucking triggering—but i want to comment on this. motherfuck if the attitude that ms. is showing here *isn’t the fucking problem*. “stay safe” “concerned for the woman” etc?—that is saying that DV is the WOMAN’s probelm—the woman who “RETURNED TO THE ABUSER”—that is saying that a woman who hasn’t left is still an innocent victim because she may not have had the time/space to leave—but the woman who *returns*—she “had a choice” (there’s that goddamn “choice” *F*eminism again!!!)—and so she is culpable in her own violence.

a goddamn FEMINIST ORGANIZATION that is supposed to be about FEMINIST ORGANIZING which is supposed to be about FEMINIST MOVEMENT MAKING—is making domestic violence/interpersonal violence about INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. 

what did JVal say again about how tired she was of *F*eminism being portrayed as a “choice” to make you feel better rather than a strong powerful movement blah blah blah?

why isn’t one single *F*eminst organization saying—WE are going to show leadership through our actions and SHOW ALL OF US CULTURE how to organize so we have survivor’s back!!!! WE are going to show leadership and show young girls how to collectively organize support and safety systems for survivors NO MATTER WHO SHE IS WITH??? 

why aren’t they saying something like “we are going to create a completely visible system whereby communities throughout the world can begin to transform systemic violence against women into liberation and saftey NO MATTER WHO SHE CHOOSES TO BE WITH?”

as i said before, rihanna and her video w/eminem show that *THERE IS NO MOVEMENT*. that women are expected to handle DV on their own, individually, all by themselves—and when they don’t do it the way that *F*eminists tell them to, they loose the “good victim” designation. THAT is what the “*F*Eminist movement” has given to survivors—a “good victim” designation. And *F*eminists are some good ass bitches about controlling the value of that card. THAT is where  their “movement” is—controlling the value and ability to commodify the “good victim” designation.

that they are expecting a single woman to “show leadership” and change systemic violence all by herself *instead of the movement that they claim that they are*—is everything that is wrong with *F*eminism. and “stay safe” is nothing more than concern trolling. 

Posted on 20 February, 2013
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