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porque soy terrible. afrolatina. culture clash. dominican republic meets nyc. ghetto/barrio nerd. raging mujercista.

**note: most of my content prolly requires a TW and will be NSFW.

also, read my "before you follow" statement before you do so, and enter at your own motherfuckin risk.

Like, I srsly be wonderin wtf reactions dudes expect for random dick showing, pics and talk.
Do you assume our eyes are gonna gloss over and we will be so consumed w lust and desire for whats often not really notable anyway? And dicks an aquired taste even if you hetero lol
Wtf are you thinkin is gon happen and let us try and quantify how many have lied just to not make you feel bad that theyre utterly unmoved if not slightly or entirely repulsed.
Not to mention in some ways its sexual assault in the same way some random dude on the subway pulling his dick out in front of your face is. If we not familiar in that way, wtf. Honestly.
Boundary issues like a mug.

Posted on 3 January, 2013

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    "And dicks an aquired taste even if you hetero lol". story of my life.
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