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**note: most of my content prolly requires a TW and will be NSFW.

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every time i go to the shooting range,

i make the mens in there squirm.

coz i have a steady ass sniper-like hand, 

and will hit the target every single time,

no matter what kinda gun you try to make me shoot w or where you position me to try and assuage your “its just a lucky sweet spot or low caliber” insecurities.

im better and more badass than you

deal wif it

Posted on 5 May, 2012

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    When I grow up, I plan to be you. Cool?
  2. cynique said: omg take me with you!! i really want to go to shooting range and one day a get license. i wasn’t joking when i said i really want an ak and bejewel the shit out of it.
  3. teamf00d said: hells fuckin yeah
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