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Clase Baja Series, by Zahira Kelly

  • is an ongoing mixed-media, self-shot, retro pin up-inspired series
  • is a direct call out and celebration of women who are deemed clase baja
  • is in solidarity w sex workers—dominican women, especially, who are home and abroad, and those who have been lost and are currently subject to the human trafficking trade
  • on prejudgment and how we are coded according to our appearance
  • a glimpse into the complexities of my existence within our society and the intersection i live at: race, sexism, class, obviously
  • on being a bicultural dominican-american and the product of globalization
  • a nod to the often nameless latina showgirls of yesteryear who quietly but oh so very boldly inspired so much of what we know as the retro scene, pin up, burlesque,cabaret, vegas showgirls, etc, from coquettish, overtly feminine attitude and poise, to dance moves to costumes.

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Posted on 29 January, 2012
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