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bad-dominicana posted something yesterday about people who are sociopathic in nature who argue not because they care about anything, but because they like to win.

And I just thought about how I see a LOT of that on here.

A lot of people will argue not to prove a valid point but because they just want to “win” the argument. Todd was like that…and it drove me crazy. He knew he was wrong, and so he would tweak and change his argument until he found a way to “win”, even if he was wrong every step of the way.

And it’s like…you’re playing with someone emotions when you do that. Especially when it comes to someone trying to explain their humanity and people arguing as if someone’s humanity and existence are QUESTIONABLE.

That’s so sick.

Posted on 17 September, 2014
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do you care about doing the most humane thing? do you care about me?
or do you just care about winning?
do you just care about falsely smoothing things over while leaving the tangles on the underside so you can later act shocked when things arent working and you are back at the same problem or worse?
dont tell me what you think will shut me up the soonest, what you think i want to hear.
tell me what is actually the truth. if that truth is not humane to me, then the mentality that produced it must shift, not how you present it.
dont duck and dodge and change your argument every 2 minutes just to see what wins. have fucking integrity. care about whats ultimately the most fair. not about what will land you back on top, untouched, regardless of fairness.
life is not debate team where they do a colonial rot on your brain telling you peoples humanity is merely a matter of opinion and opposing said humanity is ok if you have the right argument.
they tell you winning is just a game and peoples humanity which you are arguing against is invalid if only you can present your point convincingly enough.
its sociopathic.
genuinely care about me, not about winning.
or dont and stay the fuck away.
go “win” elsewhere with people as sociopathic as you.

Posted on 17 September, 2014

you cant be out here talkin about how you dont care anymore and act all flustered when the sentiment is reciprocated. they wanna not have to give a fuck while you hang on their every word. once you stop giving a fuck suddenly they dont feel powerful anymore.

Posted on 15 September, 2014

chances are, if ive repeatedly had to ask to not be mistreated in the same manner, im not going to have any desire to seek you out. and how do you trust people who revert back to “basic consideration is too much” over and over? you treat em with a 10ft pole, you withdraw, you leave them, you stop giving a fuck, check as many as you like.
staying for that feels too much like an abuse cycle.
get right or get gone.

Posted on 14 September, 2014

Posted on 13 September, 2014
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Lorelei Black | beautyfoster with Gregory Prescott

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"Brokers and attorneys were not the only white professionals who preyed upon Chicago’s African Americans. They were also hurt by merchants who sold them overpriced, high-interest items on credit and then garnished their wages when they missed a payment. The obvious common denominator between the contract sale of property and the installment sale of smaller items lay in white professionals’ ability to manipulate African Americans’ desperate need for credit. Both created debt peonage, and both would have to be stopped if Chicago’s burgeoning black population was to have a fair chance to prosper.

For my father, the issue was not simply that merchants charged high prices and outrageous rates of interest on goods that they sold on credit but rather that the law gave them the right to collect the wages of their delinquent customers. In Illinois, creditors were allowed to lay claim to over a quarter of their debtor’s paycheck—a stark contrast to the laws of New York, which allowed only 10 percent of weekly wages to be subject to garnishment. Illinois law also made wage garnishment extraordinarily easy. It permitted the use of “wage assignment” forms—contracts in which the customer promised that if he or she was late with a payment the merchant could go directly to the customer’s boss and collect a portion of his or her wages. No court was necessary. Illinois also allowed retailers to require customers to sign “confession of judgment” forms, which nullified in advance their right to defend themselves in court should their creditors pursue legal action against them.

Of course, an individual was in principle free to choose whether or not to sign a wage assignment or confession of judgment form. In reality, the choice was not so evident. The forms were usually buried within long, complicated installment sale contracts. People believes that they were making some small purchase—a watch, or a ring, or dancing lessons—for a mere “five dollars down.” They rarely realized that by signing these forms, they were putting their wages at risk.

The result was a situation ripe for abuse. By the late 1950s, the actions of “credit racketeers” who stood outside factory gates and combed Chicago’s black and immigrant neighborhoods, selling cheap or worthless items for little money down were well known among advocates of the poor. The credit racketeers’ goal was not to make sales per se but to get signatures on wage assignment forms. Once they had the signatures, unscrupulous merchants could go to their victims’ employers and ask for whatever sum of money they thought they could get away with. The city’s largest employers of unskilled labor noted the results. When the Inland Steel Company’s “garnishment administrator,” Dorothy Lascoe, began to investigate some of the garnishments she was processing, she found merchants who demanded sums of $550 when their customers only owed $250 and creditors who collected wage garnishments for months without ever applying the money they were collecting to the debt they claimed to be owed. As Lascoe explained: “The debtor is not properly protected by the law because, under Illinois law, the merchant does not have to prove to the judge how much a person still owes him.”"

—  Beryl Satter, Family Properties: How the Struggle Over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America (via thecurvature)

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When white teachers call colonizers “explorers” to make them seem like brave people with an adventurous curiosity instead of genocidal, european supremacist bastards who wanted to exchange blood for money.

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She Get’s It From Her Mama: Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield out and about during NYFW.
Photo: Getty Images

Impossible…they look the same age!

My gawwd!

black don’t crack

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the Lakota woman who was raped as an inmate at Fall River corrections facility (South Dakota) is testifying against the white male guard that raped her today; please send prayers of support and love her way, as what she is about to do can be traumatizing and promises to be emotionally challenging.

Any updates?

he was just acquitted

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She said it!!!!


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Says a pic of the same thin white lips who are the only ones deemed deserving of love everywhere you look. White art so trash.

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